Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ittai's 1st birthday

With out fail I only ever manage to post birthday pictures almost a year after the fact. Here was Ittai's wonderful first birthday. Soon to be followed

This is where we encouraged the ball addiction with a blow up ball pit. 

Grammy decorated the cake to match his decorations!

Just some squirrel shaped jammy dodgers.

Get ready for the most bi polar cake smash you've ever seen.


wait... I'm not so sure

This is weird!!

But strangely delicious!

I'm a mess!

But its so tasty so I'm just gonna keep eating!

What is this amazing stuff??.
Its green food... 

And its all over me!

I'm wallowing in this delicious mess!

Don't judge me!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

AZ Adventures

I finally downloaded my camera and I'm a little embarrassed to say that it took over a half hour just to get the files off! So in commemoration of this epic camera dump I've decided to update over a year of pictures! Whoo hoo!

AZ Vacations

Papa Chiba holding Ittai for the first time
Aria liked papas video games
Aria in time out for painting herself with yogurt

Aria longingly looking at the pool outside

Grandpa Ron Meeting Ittai for the first time!

Thibodeaux family photo

Official first bike ride!

Riding with Papa

In 2015 we went out for thanksgiving.

I thought I would record the moment when they weren't fighting.

It was an adorable 20 minutes until their show was over.

Used the smoker

Roger was a little nervous

But it just looked burnt so we were all good!

Every one wanted a hug from Ronin.

The next best thing to eating Grandmas cakes is helping her make them!

Birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza!

Arias prizes after making her rounds in the arcade

Ittai's favorite game.

We ran after allot of balls

She loooove Uriel. Much to his chagrin. But he put up with her.  

Enjoying the Asian Cultural festival

Aria liked the Japanese dancers.

Korean BBQ

I said "pose for me"...

So she posed...

And posed...

still posing 

Still posing

Helping Ittai rock climb.

He's ready to go.