Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jenis Ice Cream Columbus OH

On an absolutely beautiful friday I accompanied Roger down to Columbus for a business meeting. In an attempt to make the most out of the trip I researched a lovely area called the Short North Arts District. Just south of Ohio State campus, this little strip of eclectic shops and places to eat was a total score for Roger and I and after sampling a couple of tidbits and checking out a couple of awesome shops we came across Jenis Ice Cream. After every single of its 300 some odd google ratings gave it five stars we thought we better investigate. What a wise decision this turned out to be.

As we walked through the doors I was impressed by their enormous menu board that proudly sported all of their tasty concoctions. We were also met with the tantalizingly scrumptious sent of fresh baked waffle cones. Among the ice cream flavors were oddities like Roasted cherry and goat cheese, wild berry and lavender, poached pear, and sweet corn with black raspberries.

My personal favorite was the sweet, tart, bitter mixture of Lime, Rhubarb and Cardamom. Yummm... Need I say more? If you're ever in Columbus just know that I would consider it a terrible loss if this tasty little heaven didn't cross your path. Happy eating!


  1. This was a very enjoyable post Miko! I love your pictures!

  2. Thought I'd let you know, I was there last night!

    1. Whhhatttt?? And no picture uploads?? Tisk, tisk ;)