Monday, March 26, 2012

Speechless? I think not.

During my morning perusal of facebook, gmail, and google news I came across something that you could say “struck a cord”. There, nestled comfortably between the troubling news stories about healthcare coercion and political puppeteering, is the story/advertisement of Justin Biebers new album and single. What caught my eye is the name of his new album. “Boyfriend”. After reading through the article I instantly opened my facebook to post about this disturbing information. However I soon realized that I had a little more to say and it was time to once again break out the soapbox.

I don’t know why I still wonder at the cunning of money minded people. I’ve seen too many times (as you will if you occasionally read the news) how money can motivate one to proceed with an action no matter how injurious it will be to other people. So I suppose in this situation what really stirred up the “fire in the belly” was when I realized that the the people who this astounding act of cunning will ultimately injure are young innocent girls.

How many a young girl, with her fluffy pink slippers and hello kitty pillow, tucked herself in at night with Justin Bieber playing on her ipod and thoughts of “If he was my boyfriend” dancing through her head. It is inevitable that when you feed on something long enough sooner or later a dependency will be formed. And eventually it will take all of your effort and time to try and satiate that hunger. Luckily for the starving Bieber fans he has thrown them a rather decadent morsel in his latest hit “If I was your boyfriend”. Unfortunately the rule of lust still applies and those young girls will never be satisfied.

It pains my heart to use the words “lust” and “young girls” In the same sentence but alas, this is where we are. As I’m writing this my baby girl is asleep on my lap so content in absolute innocence and unawareness and it makes me wonder. At what age do parents look at their child and stop seeing the innocent baby girl? When did we forget the meaning of “formative years”? They are called “formative” for a reason and just as we parents are responsible for our child’s health in what they physically eat we are also responsible for what they feed on mentally. Until a child is of an age of maturity and awareness to make these decisions for themselves parents are tasked to be guardians over their innocence. Not to create naive automatons, blind to world around them, but rather to disclose the evils that surround them, showing them the difference between right and wrong and making the right choice for them until they are able to make it for themselves.

Thirteen, fourteen, ten, six, These are ages when innocence can be so beautifully represented in our flawed human race and yet no one is taking qualms at the fact that there is a direct effort weaseling its way into your home to seduce the minds and hearts of your little girls. What started as a “harmless” bieber craze has now morphed into something much more insidious in nature and now the thoughts of many a young girl have been made manifest in this new single “If I was your boyfriend”.

I wish that this post could end on a happy note. Unfortunately I see this situation as too dire to easily resolve a single blog post. If nothing else a closer perusal of this topic has instilled in me an even stronger desire to champion the innocence of my daughter and protect the purity of her mind until she is able to do so herself. By God’s mercy and grace may I be victorious.

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