Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ode to my Garden

Prayer in a Garden

Today the world seemed cruel, but evening hours

Were filled with perfume from forgotten flowers.

I saw again familiar filigree

Of moonlight through my lacy Lilac tree;

I heard the robins stirring in their nest;

And saw the path that fairy feet had pressed;

Reflected stars were in my garden pool;

On my warm face the breeze was kind and cool.

The silence seemed to speak, my head was bowed,

Then ramblers that had grown into a cloud

Lifted my eyes that, tear-washed, now could see

The beauty that today was lost to me.

Dear god, who is so near to flowers, and birds,

Be nearer still, as I shall search for words

To thank Thee for the blessings night revealed,

Which through the day discouragement concealed.

-Eva Sparks Taylor

I find it sad that I am so ridiculously excited about watching the very natural, very common process of growing vegetables. There is a gaping void between the average person and their food and if I am going to be completely candid I will admit that I wasn't positive that those little seeds I put in the ground would ever be more then what they appeared. Now I have sunflowers that are taller then me, baby cucumber, watermelon scattered across my yard, tons of green tomatoes, and zucchini that are ready to pick and eat. I'm so excited that my black thumb has been overcome and I now get to enjoy the literal fruits of my labor.

Dedicated to Kimberly. I now understand your gardening joy :D

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  1. AWE! Miko it looks beautiful! I'm so glad we can share that joy of gardening :)