Thursday, August 27, 2015

Highlights (holiday 2014)

Christmas play.

Who knew my social butterfly would get stage fright! 

My little angel. Only slightly ruffled from the performance.

Arias Christmas dress

Ask me anything with this face and its yours!

Helping me make marshmallow Christmas presents

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Aunt Angel bought Aria The Snowman for her birthday.  

We all watched it together with Chocolate Smores Pots de creme.

Making memories with the fam!

Merry Christmas morning

Decorating our baby tree

Cause its my blog and I can post naked babies if I wanna! ;D

Sibling love

Caught Aria sneaking green beans. I guess she didn't see the mini pumpkin pies!

This is why I bother making yummy food. Continually winning the admiration of my hubby via his stomach. I'm kinda partial to a awesome dinner as well. 

My two dream boats all wrapped up in one big hug! 

I'm not sure who won this smolder contest <Melt>.

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