Friday, June 10, 2011

C.S. Lewis and the Science Fiction Trilogy

When one thinks of C.S. Lewis I can imagine that their mind automatically sums up images of Lions, white witches, and our beloved Pevensie siblings. However the vast fictional imagination of C.S. Lewis did not stop at The Chronicles of Narnia. Indeed, in a piece of literature with more astounding depth and imagination, Lewis created a fantastical fiction specifically relevant for adults and the modern day we live in.
Now I’m going to attempt to do a quick explanation of these books with out spilling the beans. I’ll have to bite my tongue a few times I’m sure.

Out of the Silent planet.

One thing that I find interesting about this series is the pace at which Lewis develops his ever-present types and shadows of Christianity. As I began Out of the Silent Planet I was on the look out. However as the colorful, detailed images flourished in my mind I was soon wrapped up in the story and began reading with out motive. This book merely scratches the surface of the full depth of this series.


I often found myself fighting my own preconceived notions of what this second book was going to be about. In an effort of creativity that I am truly astounded by; Lewis’s imagery went leaps and bounds beyond the first book. Even with my healthy imagination I had to at times stop and absorb all that I was reading so as not to miss the depth and beauty of the fictional world he created. Abruptly mid way through, the book changes gears and the intensely imaginative world becomes merely a backdrop for a story of incredible relevance and reality. A fearsome struggle between good and evil begins and the brutality of evil its self is introduced in a most vivid way. For all who are faint of heart I would suggest taking caution from here on in. Things are about to get very real.

That Hideous Strength.

The very essence of this book I believe is stated in its title. The setting of this story once again stunned me because it was so vastly different from the first two. I kept checking to see if I had indeed picked up the final installment of the correct series. Once again I offer a warning to anyone with a weaker constitution. C.S. Lewis created this story for adults and in doing so he did not hesitate to display evil in all of its ferocity. I believe often we fail to recognize that the subtlest of sins are backed by a most hideous strength. The evil that is empowering the gossiper is the same evil that is enforcing the murderer and the devils objectives never change. Of course one can always resort to skipping pages if need be. And I might suggest reading it in full daylight. ;D

However I do not want these thoughts to deter you because as the reality of evil is portrayed in this book, so also is the reality of unity. We know as Christians that if we ever truly understood the principal of “Unity with Christ” the very bonds of this earth could no longer hold us. I felt as though this was an appropriate post to follow “What God has joined together…” as Lewis touches on this principal in its most common type, the consecrated marriage.
Though I could go on I feel as though I’ve left you with enough information to make an educated decisions. Now you can choose whether or not you want to take on this stunning and thought provoking piece of literature.

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