Saturday, February 2, 2013

Arias Dreaming Nook

In celebration of a moving to a new house I thought I would finally post Arias nursery remodel. I have to say I'm rather sad to be leaving this darling little room behind. I realize as I look through these pictures how many of the lovely touches in the room where gifts to Aria. She is certainly a loved little girl!

I had fun painting this accent wall while pregnant. Oh the crazy things we do while nesting!

Grammy made the beautiful stripped afghan. I've watched her make phenomenal baby blankets for years and I was so excited to receive one for my baby girl.

The lovely "aria" sign was made by my maid of honor Julia Clayville. She matched it perfectly to Arias crib set. Polka dots and all!

The chubby red headed doll is Fifi. She was my inseparable companion when I was a little girl. Mom and I bought her a pretty dress to wear when I "put her away" and it just happened to match Arias nursery. Almost 20 years later!

This beautiful tree was created by Tiffany Sinacola. She took it upon herself to create this for my baby shower and it was so lovely that I had to keep it for Arias forest inspired nursery.

It wouldn't be a room in my house without a little Asian inspiration. I made this crane mobile during those long months waiting for my darling Aria to arrive.

Grammy's impulse Ikea buy is a perfect addition. I'm pretty sure all babies need a big floppy elephant to guard their crib while they are away.