Saturday, November 10, 2012


Facebook is always a fruitful source of inspiration it seems. This post is to clarify lest I be misrepresented by other “ Christians” and their idea of “ Christianity”. You'll have to excuse the lack of precision. I have far to many things to do today however I knew that if I didn't post this now I never would.

Did not our God, the creator of the universe, give us free moral agency? The choice to accept Him or reject Him? What delusions of grandeur must we have to try and use a wicked and corrupt political system to bend others to our religious will? Do they not also have the right to choose?

If I remember correctly it was the pharisee’s that believed God was going to come back with a crown of gold riding a white horse to take back a Roman occupied Israel. But much to their dismay He did not change the world via vote or political petition. By gaining the favor of, or propping up some important world official. He didn’t rally an army or start a revolution. No. He brought us the morality to live through the example of his life. And he brought us the opportunity to know perfect freedom through His death. Note I said the “opportunity” to know perfect freedom. Jesus bled and died so that we can choose.

And yet so many people are caught up in the rigorous vacuum of trying to “protect” their religious freedom by legalizing their personal morality. Can’t people see that by making their own morality and religious code law then they are very likely crushing the religious freedom of someone else. It is impossible to make someone moral. We can threaten them with the use of force. We can strip them of their money, livelihood, and transportation in penalization to the point that they conform to our beliefs and morality. However this is a perversion of truth and anti Christ in every way. Christ does not say “Serve me or go to hell” He says “Love me for I am heaven”. Either you believe in religious freedom for everyone or you don’t believe in religious freedom at all. Now choose.