Saturday, April 26, 2014

One crazy week in photos

Wishing Mommy and Ittai good luck with hugs and kisses before we head to the hospital. 

Welcome to the world my Little Man

After we asked Aria if she wanted to hold her new baby brother she very simply and very seriously stated "yes" and walked across the room to sit on the couch next to Daddy. 

 Aria was curious about Mommies new bracelets. 

She also wanted to know what happened to Mommies tummy

Such a good big sister bringing Ittai his toys


Like father like daughter.  

Daddy brought home three pounds of strawberries from Costco. Aria votes that daddy does the shopping from now on. 
Grammy getting some last snuggles in before flying home

There's nothing like freshly washed baby hair. Especially when its styled in a dashing bouffant! 

 Aria singing lullabies to Ittai. She ever does the English accent on "Your Mother and mine"

Watching cartoons together.

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The many looks of Ittai 

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